Meet Greg Schreiner

Greg Schreiner owns a comprehensive collection of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia, encompassing furniture items from Marilyn’s final home, autographs, cancelled bank checks, including a check to Eunice Murray dated August 4, 1962, film scripts, documents and original costume sketches. Mr. Schreiner also possesses one of the largest private collections of Marilyn Monroe screen worn and publicity gowns.

In 2006, items from his personal collection of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia, including nine gowns, original costume sketches and custom dolls toured the world, with stops in the US and Japan.  In 2007, the Texas State Fair was proud to exhibit nine Marilyn Monroe gowns from the collection. The display was the most diverse exhibit of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia ever to be showcased in one place.  To view Greg being interviewed at the exhibit, please click here.  The Hollywood Museum showcased Greg’s collection in 2008 and 2009.

Mr. Schreiner is the President and a founding member of the longest running fan club in existence today, Marilyn Remembered.  Each year since 1982,  Greg has arranged and facilitated the Marilyn Monroe Memorial Service, held on August 5 at Westwood Memorial Park, Marilyn’s resting place.

He is also the pianist, narrator and producer of “Hollywood Revisited,” a cabaret style extravaganza allowing audience members to experience what it’s like to watch celebrities walk the red carpet as their favorite Tinseltown classics come to life. This stunning musical revue showcases a truly dazzling lineup of costumes actually worn by the stars in the original Hollywood films.  Set to the music that defined the times, this show leaves viewers in awe as they learn about and come close enough to touch these historic original masterpieces of old-time Hollywood.

Mr. Schreiner has performed as a soloist with the Los Angeles Concert Orchestra, Santa Monica College Symphony, UCLA Symphony, Cypress Pops Orchestra and performed on the opening ceremonies of the 1984 Olympics. In addition to having several recordings in release, he performed the Shostakovitch and Piano Concerto for the PBS series In Search Of Wisdom and was the composer/performer for the educational series Masters Of The Silent Screen.  He is on the piano faculty of Cerritos College and is the accompanist for the Mansfield Chamber Singers.

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“Marilyn touches all of us in some way through her spirit.  It’s amazing the emotions she elicits.  Everyone seems to want to hold and protect her.  I cannot think of any other film star who has that power and influence over people.”

~Greg Schreiner

Greg’s collection on exhibit: